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Adam Smith was a pioneer, his ideas of economics, philosophy and free trade helping to create the globalised world we live in today.

Since 1990, we’ve emphasised the importance of collaborative education across the globe and the sharing of intellectual ideas across disciplines. It’s fitting therefore that Edinburgh Business School is leading this exciting, important new project. 
Restoring its reputation
We aim to conserve and re-imagine this building as a living tribute to not only Adam Smith and his contribution to modern economics but the ideas of the Scottish Enlightenment itself.
Panmure House, the only surviving Smith residence, is in a poor state. Years of neglect has stripped it of its dignity and obscured the role in played in the creation of our modern society. Situated close to the Scottish Parliament, in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s at the heart of Scottish and intellectual history.
Our renovation will give Panmure House back its sense of identity. We aim to restore the fabric and the interiors to the grandeur of Smith’s day. Though a relatively modest house, the work will be painstaking and expertly executed.
Modern thinking
The original building will be conserved and the two principle apartments refurbished in the style of the late 17th century. Modern, sensitive adaptations will provide up-to-date facilities. The contemporary insertions a fitting legacy for a building that became home to such radical ideas.

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"What I hope is to bring the world to the home of Adam Smith. To debate the best ideas, and the things that are going to change our world in the future."
Professor Heather McGregor Professor Heather McGregor Executive Dean, Edinburgh Business School