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  • Our Vision

    In the heart of Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site, Panmure House is Adam Smith’s only surviving home. We aim to restore not only its fabric but its rightful place as a hothouse of global economic and social debate.

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Our Mission

We want to conserve, restore and reinvigorate Panmure House as a home for economic and social debate and the latest academic thinking. 
But more than this. We want Panmure House to be a vital resource for the people of Edinburgh and beyond; for the community, for business and students. To achieve this, we need your support.
The costs for the project will be raised from various sources including contributions from individuals and corporations.


This A-listed building will be re-energised. Careful renovations and sensitive contemporary adaptations will play host to debates, lectures, exhibitions, meetings, concerts and educational programmes.


Panmure House: Revitalising the Edinburgh home of economist Adam Smith

Heather McGregor, Executive Dean of Edinburgh Business School, takes us through the ambitious project to redevelop and reopen Adam Smith's former Edinburgh home. Opening in 2018, Panmure House will once again inspire and facilitate ground-breaking economic research and debate.

articles and news

  1. The timeless lessons of an 18th-century genius

    Brian Healy

    BY NEIL KAY Adam Smith is a giant of the Scottish Enlightenment but in many respects he can be difficult for 21st-century readers to get to grips with. To begin with there are not many portraits of him, reflecting perhaps his own glum self-assessment. “I am a beau i...