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Education programmes

Economics, philosophy, politics, history, sociology. The range of subjects covered by Smith in his influential works remain key topics in the education of Scotland’s fifth and sixth year pupils.

Working within Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence, our programmes aim to develop successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors by drawing together the different strands of Smith’s life and works, as well as the Scottish Enlightenment, for this specific audience. Teaching packs will give education providers information and ideas for class discussion while the pupils themselves will be provided with resources to help them get the most out of their visit. Other plans include school debating contests and business leaders of the future classes.

International study

Adam Smith is a global figure, his works discussed wherever students, economists, politicians and philosophers gather. It’s natural, therefore, that Panmure House should reach out far beyond the city of Edinburgh. Building on Edinburgh Business School’s renowned MBA and DBA programmes and highly respected faculty, our international programmes will also feature leading lecturers from across Scotland’s universities.

Together, we’ll provide thought-provoking, practical education on Smith’s life and work and the radical nature of Scotland’s role in the creation of modern economics, medicine, engineering, philosophy and scientific thought.

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"The Panmure House Project will be a wonderful memorial to one of Scotland's greatest enlightenment thinkers."
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