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A vision for a visionary. Adam Smith is a giant of intellectual thought. A key figure of the Scottish Enlightenment and the author of two of the most important books ever written on economics and moral philosophy, he deserves his place in the pantheon.

However, we want Smith to be more than a historical figure. With Panmure House we have a unique opportunity to create a contemporary centre of learning, debate and enlightenment. A place to come and listen to current theories and engage with the leading figures in the fields of economics, social sciences and moral philosophies. New ideas will flow through these walls as surely as they did in Smith’s day.

This will be a resource for students, for businesses, for the local community. Lectures, debates, education programmes, exhibitions and corporate events will all have a role to play here. A visitor centre will introduce Smith and his work to the people of Edinburgh and tourists alike - given its location at the heart of the UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site, Panmure House will become a key stop-off on the Edinburgh Heritage Trail.

Our vision has the support of leading academics, politicans and business people and is endorsed by 20 Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences; highly respected figures who not only applaud our plans but who will become actively involved through our proposed Adam Smith Lecture Series.

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"we want to ensure the debate continues in Panmure House for generations to come"
Professor Keith Lumsden Professor Keith Lumsden Director, Edinburgh Business School