The campaign to conserve and adapt Panmure House, the final home of renowned economist, Adam Smith, is receiving a major, $1 million gift from the Global Philanthropic Trust.
Professor Lumsden, Academic Director and Founder of Edinburgh Business School, and the chair of the fundraising committee of the Panmure House Campaign. said,
 “On behalf of the whole campaign team, I am pleased to announce the generous donation the campaign has received from the Global Philanthropic Trust.
 Adam Smith is often said to be the world’s first economist, he is a vital part of Scotland’s heritage and a beacon of intellectual endeavour. Revitalising his last home as an educational centre will help ensure his pioneering thinking lives on in the minds of future generations.”
Terry Kibbe, Advisor to the Global Philanthropic Trust, said, “It has been 237 years since the publication of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, and his understanding of the mutual benefits of trade and voluntary cooperation are more relevant and more urgently needed than ever before.  As the world struggles to lift ever more people out of poverty, Smith's ideas provide a modern roadmap to renewed prosperity.  The Global Philanthropic Trust is delighted to support the effort to conserve and adapt Smith’s final home, to honour his great legacy and to endow the programme, The Life and Works of Adam Smith .
The Duke of Buccleuch, Co-Patron of the Panmure House campaign, said, “I am honoured to serve as Co-Patron of the Panmure House campaign. My family has a historic link with Adam Smith dating back over two hundred years and it has been inspiring and moving to see the depth of support shown for our efforts to restore his last home, not just within the United Kingdom, but from around the world. This very generous grant from The Global Philanthropic Trust will greatly contribute to our ongoing efforts to develop Smith’s Edinburgh home into a unique focal point for fans of his life and works.”