Ian Simpson Ross, author of the much acclaimed Life of Adam Smith, recently donated a beautiful five volume copy of the first edition of The Works of Adam Smith to the Panmure House Project.
The 1811 edition was edited by Thomas Cadell Jr, and William Davies, younger partners of Cadell,Sr. It includes texts of the sixth edition (1790) of the Theory of Moral Sentiments(Ethics), and of the third edition (1784) of the Wealth of Nations (Political Economy);Also Smith's lesser or incomplete writings on Language, Astronomy, Ancient Physics, Ancient Logics, Imitative Arts, Affinity between English and Italian Verses, and External Senses.
These writings were composed by Smith as parts of a large plan of intellectual pursuits he formed but never completed.

The Works also contain occasional critical pieces by Smith from the Edinburgh Review, and Dugald Stewart's account of Smith's life and writings. The photo shows Professor Keith Lumsden thanking Ian for his kind gift in front of the model for the Panmure House Project.