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  1. Home at Last

    Barbara Adams

    BY BUSINESS WRITER KENNY KEMP  A PROFESSOR'S JOURNEY WITH ADAM SMITH On a late April morning, a hard-hat and hi-vis-vest tour of Panmure House was undertaken by Professor Neil Kay, of Edinburgh Business School, and conservators and experts in the works of Adam Smith from the Na...

  2. Adam Smith and Ebenezer Scroggie

    Barbara Adams

    BY NEIL KAY Some of Adam Smith’s ideas have stood the test of time less well than others. He argued in The Wealth of Nations that the English were more handsome than the Scots, but that above them all stood the Irish, with “the most beautiful women perhaps in the British Domini...

  3. Heriot Watt's place in the world

    Brian Healy

    BY PROFESSOR ROBERT MACINTOSH Faced with a chronic shortage of skilled workers for his clock-making business, Robert Bryson helped found the world’s first mechanics institute in 1821. Initially running classes in the evening to allow those in work to acquire new skills, the ethos of the ins...

  4. Making poverty history

    Brian Healy

    BY DR KEVIN SCHNEIDER & KENNY KEMP The alleviation of global poverty requires transformational change and a deeper understanding of how to empower and inspire those who subsist on less than $3000 a year. Heriot-Watt doctorate, Dr Kevin Schneider, undertook his research in Afghanistan where he...

  5. The right stuff that matters

    Brian Healy

    BY DR ARIS LAM Do customers really respond to banks that engage with corporate social responsibility? Dr Aris Lam found that CSR plays an essential part in building consumer trust. The global banking crash in 2008 destroyed the reputation of some major financial institutions – and damage...