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Given Smith’s reputation and far-reaching influence, it comes as no surprise that our plans have garnered such strong support among the economic, political and academic communities. A key element in the new life of Panmure House will be the lecture series that bears the great man’s name.

Already, 20 Nobel Laureates of Economic Science have committed themselves to active engagement. Business and political leaders, eminent academics and prominent business people will join them in active debate. Our programme of lectures will cover a broad spectrum of economic, social and political ideas. The series will stimulate interest, provoke heated discussion and try to find new ways of solving society’s pressing issues.

The synergies between Smith’s radical new ideas and successful business are clear. Panmure House will offer the corporate world a beautiful, stimulating environment in which to think, debate and create.

Public events

As befits a man who saw natural empathy between human beings as the basis for morality, we will ensure Panmure House is open to as many people as possible.
Regular exhibitions, films and talks on topics such as the Scottish Enlightenment and current moral and economic issues (as well, of course, Smith himself) will generate a vibrant atmosphere of shared interest.
The building also lends itself well to musical recitals, readings and other live performances.

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"What I hope is to bring the world to the home of Adam Smith. To debate the best ideas, and the things that are going to change our world in the future."
Professor Heather McGregor Professor Heather McGregor Executive Dean, Edinburgh Business School